Skin So Soft Original Dry Oil Body Spray

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Quick Overview

  • Size is150 millilitres Various Packaging
  • Contains Citronellol, Place in a warm room to re liquify if solid
  • Goes solid in cold weather do not twist cap off as it will break
  • item does not comes with expiry date rather item has an PAO(Period after opening) of 12 months

Product Description

Nourishes all skin types. Spray on damp skin to lock in essential moisture, light non-greasy formula. A great alternative to insect repellent.

This item is a Best Seller and one that you won’t want to be without during the summer and whilst on holiday. The oil is totally dry and does not leave any marks or smudges on your clothes. It helps soften your skin and is best applied after a bath or shower whilst the skin is slightly damp as this locks in the moisture. There is a very pleasant woody smell and the oil is clear. If you want a fresh ‘just stepped out of the shower’ smell this is pretty close. It contains citronella which is a lemon smell and which helps to repel insects. The spray comes in 150ml and has a pump dispenser. A few years ago I read that this spray can be used as an insect repellent, as raved about by Mel Gibson. Anyway, I will now never go on holiday without it. It is a brilliant insect repellent and it smells nice and you don’t get that awful toxic smell, as you do with other brands. You have a two in one product here so I would recommend giving it a try. Another good point is if you are off out and have forgotten to apply the lotion to your bare skin and are wearing tights or stockings just spray on top as it does not leave any marks or stains.


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