Posture Corrector Spinal Support -Back, Shoulder, Neck

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Quick Overview

  • Body Remodeling
  • SOFT & BREATHABLE & Lightweight
  • Easy Use and Adjustable 
  • Improve Posture Anytime, Anywhere

Product Description

  • 【Body Remodeling】 The linear posture correction of the back support improves the bad posture and achieves a clear upright posture of the back and shoulders in a short period of time. Provides strong support for your waist and back, perfect for teenagers and adults to prevent hunchback from improving hunchback, making you more confident and attractive. It also relieves neck and shoulder pain.
  • 【SOFT & BREATHABLE & Lightweight】 Charminer Posture Corrector are Made of High quality porous and breathable foam materials durable ,does not fray easily;every correction device Includes 2 soft shoulder pads to reduce the pressure from the straps provide for optimum comfort.
  • 【Easy Use and Adjustable 】We offer 2 different sizes.Size range includes ranging from 38in – 51in,Suitable for ladies, men and children.You only need to pick the size that suits you,at same time ,The Charminer Posture Corrector can be adjusted like a backpack. you can easily change the orthosis and your back posture by yourself ,making it fit for your body .
  • 【Improve Posture Anytime, Anywhere】The back stabilizer is very cautious and will not fall under the clothes. Laying at home, at the office or at leisure. Even while you are exercising, you can train in your own position.Posture correction for your everyday life help can relieve pain and tension.


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