Classic 30 day starter kit. Diffuser and Refill

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Quick Overview

  • Contains the ‘feline facial’ pheromone. A natural pheromone a cat releases when they rub up against something to mark an area as safe and secure.
  • Communicating to cats…like cats!
  • SCENTLESS and Species specific – no effect on humans or other pets
  • Scientifically proven, studies to support all claimns
  • Trusted – used by vets, charities and behaviourists

Product Description

FELIWAY Classic Stater kit contains everything you need to start supporting you cat. The starter kit contains your diffuser and a 30 day refill. Ensuring your FELIWAY Classic diffuser is plugged in at all times ensures that your cat is provided with the safe and secure messages that FELIWAY Classic provides at all times…ready for whatever life throws at them. FELIWAY Classic can help solve behavioural issues such as spraying, scratching, moving house, hiding, changes to their environment (e.g. new baby) and travelling.


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